Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sayin bye to our little man might have been the toughest part of our trip if not it was a close second.  I don't think you can really prepare yourself enough to live in another country, we are so blessed to live in the states I had no clue.
                                                  Our fam seein us off at the airport.
                             Trev and Reg I oppted not to take a pic. at this crazy mom moment;)

                                                               Jammin on the plane!

                                                              Playin on airport toys.
                        Waiting for our plane to load, she LOVED the flights, she was so good!

Picture from our window of the shopping center across the street.  There are practically no traffic laws so to cross the street we litterally dodged cars, scooters, and bikes.

                          Ryan's birthday cake from our translator.. don't ask me what it says;)
                                                        Ry and our translator Amanda.
Ryan in physical therapy.  I told her this was a game and it was fun we called it the headband game.  A few days into it she would say "mommy it's your turn to play headband." lol
                              Getting to know everyone we would be living with for the next month.

                                           Meeting her new friend Noah for the first time.
                                                                     Still jet lagged!

                                                  The great debate over who had to fly further.
                                                                 Classic self portrait:)
                                                                    "                           "

                                                                 Shopping center.
                                                              Poor kid is terrified..
                                               Ryan makin friends with the natives:)

I ordered steak lol I nearly starved the first week we were there, then I found Mcdonalds and caught right back up to santa status:)

                                                           Another day headband games.

                                      Here I ordered pork soup apparently lined with bird eggs.
This was our friends pork soup apparently lined with chicken heads.  Needless to say this was my last day of China food.  I gave it a very valliant effort but in the end starvation sounded much better:)

                                                     Bryan and Ryan jammin.
                                                   Our traditional chinese massages.
Ryan and Jean.  Ryan was obviously missing her grandmas so she decided to really take to Jean and she even called her grandma, it was pretty precious. 
After one of Ryan's numorous torcher sessions;) she has very small veins so IV days were rough.

Our showers were not especially sanitary for little Ryan to be sitting in so we bought her, her very own swimming pool:) lol it made shower time much easier!

Hotel time! It was rough being locked in a very small room all day everyday, so us and a few other couples would go to a near by Hilton on the weekends.  The hotel was BEAUTIFUL!  We got very good rates to stay in a suit for two nights a week was totally worth every penny.  They had an AMAZING spa that Ry loved and a driving range for me to show my sweet husband how it's done:) lol even Ry learned how to golf , not sure the hotel appreciated all the dibits and I know daddy didn't appreciate the busted knee cap but also worth every penny.
                                         Dinner w/ James, Holly, and Izzy! First real meal I had!

Complimentary condoms lol. They are only allowed one child there so I guess they want people to be extra safe;)
                                                          Finally a real bath!

This was the end of our first week and it was a very fun weekend.  Ry loved the pool, golfing, and eating normal American food,( maybe that was just me:)oh and playing with her new friend Izzy.  Ryan recieved two stem cell treatments and we had not recognized any results at this time but we were def. noticing some in our friends baby Izzy. Izzy had never been able to see object right infront of her face and her vocabulary was very limited.  She recieved her third treatment this week and was able to name objects placed infront of her and was recognizing faces. These things seem so small to most people but to a parent of a child with no vision these things are nothing short of miracles!